Costpoint: Detours to the Road of Success in the Accounting Module

DCAA Takes the Lead on Compensation Cap

Discussing DCAA's Email Notification of DCAA's Planned Virtual Floorchecks

The Costpoint Road to Success

FASB 842 Lease Accounting – What is the Impact on Government Cost Accounting?

Annual VETS-4212 Report Due by September 30th

Subcontract Considerations, Basic Tip on Compliance for Prime Contractors

PPP Loan Forgiveness – Impacted by Related Party Lease Cost

Bean Boozled Episode 2

Is Six Months Best for Incurred Cost Proposals, A New Game is Afoot

What to Expect During a PMSA

CARES Act Section 3610, DPC DFARS Class Deviation and Guidance

DCAA COVID-19 Guidance – Still in a Wait and See, Holding Pattern

Deltek Costpoint 8 is Coming: 5 Things You Need to Know

Cost Accounting Standards Disclosure Statement Tips

Commercial Item Determinations

Self-Identification Forms - NEW Form and Helpful Reminders

Bean Boozled

Why Bid and Proposal Cost is so Confusing to Government Contractors

Sole Source and Single Source Justifications

The Changing Contract Audit Landscape

United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) – The New NAFTA

Mergers & Acquisitions

Unanet: Maximizing Your Planning

Chip Challenge

The Perils of Cost Accounting Practice Changes

Indirect Cost Basics for Government Contractors

Preparing Your Workplace to Return to Work Safely

Novations in Government Contracting

Government Contractor Estimating System Requirements and Audits

UPDATE: New SBA FAQs on PPP Loans – Repay Date Extended to May 18

Estimating System Audits with Cheryl Anderson

I Work Alone

DCAA Audits Won’t Stop During Coronavirus Restrictions

DFARS Case 2019-D002: DoD Removes Cost Limitation on Performance-Based Payments

UPDATE: The Rocky Road to COVID-19 Relief – Treasury Looking for Audits

Who is my Government Official Over Cost Issues?

Charity Chomp

The FAR Truth Episode 3

GovCon COVID-19 Relief Accounting Implications – CARES Act Section 3610, DFARS Class Deviation

DCAA Embraces “Virtual Auditing” to Help Keep Auditors and Contractor Compliance Personnel Employed During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Update – Cashflow Increased by Change in Progress Payment Rates

What Could Defense Production Act Mean?

Dish or Dish

Where does DoD stand on Cybersecurity Certification?

Preparing for the Economic Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

An Announcement to our Clients and Readers from Redstone GCI

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Families First Coronavirus Response Act

The FAR Truth Episode 2

The Path to Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)

What is the Focus of a Billing System Audit Coverage?

What Are the Rules with Directly Associated Cost?

Forward Pricing Rate Proposal: What is the Process and How to get an Agreement on Rates

Duty Drawback: What Is It and How Can You Take Advantage of the Program?

The FAR Truth Episode 1: FAR Planning for 2020 with Farida Rennie and Bob Eldridge

1099’s in Unanet: Year-End Process Made Simple!

Incoterms 2020: What Are They and What’s New

Service Contract Act: Cheers to 2020 and Getting it Right!

Meet the Redstone Team

Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us at Redstone GCI

Limitation of Cost or Funds – The Burden Falls on You

Just OK, Not OK! New Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) Restrictions

WTO Authorizes US Tariffs in Boeing/Airbus Decision: Retaliatory Tariffs are Coming

Control Environment – The Expectations are Huge

2019 Halloween Costumes for Government Entities, Agencies, Employees or Politicians

Direct Costs in Government Contracts – Then and Now

DCAA Paid Voucher Reviews – Good News or Bad News

Are You and Your Subcontractors Ready for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification?

DOL Announces New Overtime Rule

Non-Tariff Supply-Chain Restrictions on IT/Telecom Products and Services (Part 3 of 3)

Understanding Which Thresholds Apply to Your Government Contracts

Non-Tariff Supply-Chain Restrictions on IT/Telecom Products and Services (Part 2 of 3)

DCAA’s Renewed Challenge to Lowest Available Airfare: “Déjà vu All Over Again”

Non-Tariff Supply-Chain Restrictions on IT/Telecom Products and Services (Part 1 of 3)

“Adequate Price Competition” – A Change is Coming

New GSA FY 2020 Per Diem Reimbursement Rates

DCAA Audit Policy on Materiality: Are We There Yet?

Remembering Our Beloved Founder, Scott Butler

OneTeam, An Easier Way to Propose on Government Contracts

The Power of Pay Codes in Unanet

CBP e-Recordation of IP Trademarks and Copyrights

Government Property and Subcontractor Control

Emerging Technologies Export Controls

Accounting System Adequacy Q & A

DFARS Cybersecurity Costs are Allowable, So What?

Hiring Foreign Nationals in Compliance with ITAR EAR and Immigration Laws

What is a Deemed Export?

Redstone Success Program – How We Help Government Contractors Succeed

My CPA Audited My Financial Statements. Does That Mean My Accounting System is Adequate?

Maintaining Adequate Policies and Procedures for Government Contracts

Allowable vs Unallowable: Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations

Section 809 Panel—The Government Moves Slowly

DoD-IG Report Reinforces DCAA’s Interpretations of Contractor Compensation Reasonableness

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: GSA Releases OASIS SB Pools 1, 3 and 4 and OASIS 8(a) On Ramp Solicitation

GL Budgeting in Unanet

News Flash “April 1, 2019”: DCAA Engaged to Assist the United States in Achieving Audited Financial Statements

GovCon-Taxes: Accrual or Cash? Why Not Both?

File Your 2018 EEO-1 Report by May 31, 2019

The Audit to End All Audits – Government Contractors Beware

International Women’s Day – March 8

Government “Forgive & Forget”—Not Likely Applicable to FAR 52.242-3 Penalties

Do I Need to Register My Company with the DDTC under the ITAR?

OFCCP Announces Changes to Corporate Scheduling Announcement Process

NLRB Alters Stance on Independent Contractor Standard

2018 EEO-1 Reporting Deadline Extended to May 31, 2019

Additional Unanet Services for Government Contractors

Provisional Billing Rates – Part II

Provisional Billing Rates – Part I

Unanet Year End Considerations Checklist

Source Selection in Government Contract Proposals: 1, 2, 3s

The Best Defense is a Good Offense: The Importance of Employee Training

Prepare for ACA Reporting in the New Year

So, You Want to Work with the U.S. Government? Part 2: Where Do I Stand?

A Blog for Christmas

Government Closures & Shutdowns for Government Contractors

The Results Are In! No Stomach for Cancer Fundraiser Announcement

Worst Disclosure Statement Surprises

DoD-IG Report: Contractor Employees Failed to Meet Labor Qualifications on Task Order Contracts

So, you want to do work with the U.S. Government? (Part 1)

Gratitude & Thanksgiving

2019 FSA Contribution Cap Rises to $2,700

Government Property Disposition: What is Abandonment?

2018 Halloween Costumes for Government Agencies

Trick or Treat: Are Your Checklists Complete?

Costpoint - Managing Your Unbilled Receivables Doesn’t Require Magic

Applicability of DFARS Business System Rules to Small Businesses

Government Furnished Property Gotchas

OFCCP Issues New Guidance to Address Pay Discrimination

Fiscal Year 2019 GSA Per Diem Rates Released

Important Information for the VETS-4212 Filing Season

Organization Conflicts of Interest Decision Challenges

Government Contract Post-Award Debriefings 101

CPSR Guidebook and Threshold Changes: What Should Contractors Expect from DCMA?

The “New and Improved” DCMA CPSR Guidebook: Really Improved?

What are the Top 5 Issues in an ICS Audit?

Important Update for SAM Registration

Clarifying Costs: Bid & Proposal and Independent Research & Development

FAR 31.205-6(p) Compensation “Cap”—OMB’s Unpublicized Increases for 2016 to 2018

Internships: To Pay or Not to Pay?

Incurred Cost Submission: Everything You Need to Know

Alleged Fraudulent Activity in GSA’s System for Award Management (SAM)

Payroll Audit Independent Determination Program - What Employers Need to Know

Government Contractor Timekeeping Compliance

Government Contract Project Management and Control—A Team Sport

Are Work Authorizations Required by DCAA for an Adequate Accounting System?

DCAA’s 2018 New Year Resolutions

Wishing You a Joyous Holiday Season

Elusive Answer: Contracting Officer Actions to Disposition DCAA Audits

Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI) for Government Contractors

Why Thanksgiving 2017 is More Meaningful Than Ever

Employee Stock Ownership Plans, Cost Allowability and DCAA Audit Risks (Part II)

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) and Government Contracting (Part I)

Seminar, Government Employees and Gratuities

Training Costs on Government Contracts

Possible Recoveries from a WD (Wage Determination) Increase/Decrease

What to Expect from a DCAA Floor Check

Travel Reimbursement Expenses – Did You Know?

Are you prepared for an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)/ Affirmative Action Evaluation?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Small Business Government Contractors

Subcontract Disputes on Cost Type Government Contracts

House Bill to Address DCAA Auditor Hiring, Qualifications, and Private Sector Experience

If you Outsource your Tax Return, Why Not Outsource your Incurred Cost Proposal?

How to Optimize your Government Contract Closeout Experience

Time to Tune Up Your Purchasing System

Program/Project Control – Does my Company Need this Function?

5 Tips for Government Contractors Using Quickbooks

Application of CAS 420 – Independent Research & Development and Bid & Proposal Costs

Unaudited Accounting Systems and Government Solicitations – Read the Fine Print

DCAA Audit Policy Implementing Trump’s 2 for 1 Regulatory Reductions

Labor Laws and Regulations Update

DCAA Selection of Incurred Cost Proposals for Audit - What is my Risk?

Is My Accounting System Adequate, Acceptable or Approved...Does it Matter?

Documentation! Documentation! Documentation! What’s a Government Contractor to Do?!

Q1 2017 is Halfway Over!?! GovCon Reminders

DCAA ICE Model Version 2.0.1f (October 2016)

Immigration and Naturalization Homeland Security Management Alert

ASBCA Repudiates DCAA Legal Theory for Prime Contractor Management of Subcontracts

Details Matter in Preparing Responsive Bids (Part 2)

Details Matter in Preparing Responsive Bids (Part 1)

2016 Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause

Government Contract Audits Without DCAA

DCAA’s Novel Solutions to Reducing the Incurred Cost Audit Backlog

Are You Paying Your Employees Correctly Under Your Federal Government Contracts?

2016 Halloween Costumes for Government Agencies

Heart Problems with the Incurred Cost Proposal

The First Annual Redstone Edge Conference

How to Develop a Basis of Estimate (BOE)

Internet Sources of Information for Government Contract Compliance

Be Aggressive with Your MMAS Compliance - DCAA Will

DOD-IG Reports Trillions in Unsupported Journal Entries DFAS and the Army

Provisional Billing Rates ARE NOT Pricing Bid Rates

Blending Multiple Compensation Caps

Unanet 2015 Partner of The Year: Certified Implementation Consultant

DOE Withdraws Contractor Business Systems’ Rule

DCAA Incurred Cost Audits Yield New and Novel Audit Cost Recovery Issues

DCAA Should Resume Its Full Mission

When a Firm-Fixed-Price Contract Becomes a Curse

Effective December 1, 2016: New Dollar Threshold for Salary Exempt Employees

Compensation Caps: The Right and Wrong Way to Compute Blended Rates

Appealing to the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA)?