Training is an Allowable Cost and Required for Government Contractors

Training and employee development, in our opinion, must be looked at as a necessary investment in the future of a business as well as the business’ key resource - its employees. That said, those businesses in the government contracting industry are also facing an ever-expanding list of required or at least expected training that is necessary to maintain compliance with their growing list of contract clauses.

Contract Requirements and Expectations for Training

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The Critical Importance of Understanding Legally Binding Contracts Before Signing

Contract Management needs to ensure they set aside enough time and read the contract before they sign it. We understand there are deadlines to meet, but you don’t want to get caught up skimming the contract because it is too lengthy, thinking you know all the clauses by heart, or ignoring legal jargon because you don’t understand it.

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What is Organizational Change Management and Organizational Intelligence?

This article helps define Organizational Change Management (OCM) and Organizational Intelligence (OI) and addresses their practical relevance to healthy business operations.

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