Common Challenges Due to Poor Implementation of Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

Implementing the proper human resources information systems (HRIS) brings many benefits to HR teams and the businesses they support. These benefits may include automating processes, efficient talent acquisition, effective employee management, proper time tracking, increased employee engagement, and more. Poor execution of the implementation can create havoc, causing frustration, confusion and a lack of employee engagement. Improper security assignments will cause employees to see the information they shouldn't or managers to be unable to see what they should. In worst cases, employees may not get paid correctly or at all if a system is not setup properly and thoroughly tested. These are just some of the issues that could result from not choosing a partner who is dedicated to knowing your business needs and minimizing the challenges as much as possible. Some complications are expected, but the right partner will find a way to navigate or even avoid them effectively. We utilize the UKG Ready HRIS solution for HR, Payroll, and Timekeeping at Redstone Government Consulting, as we find it can fully meet our clients' needs, not only for our Federal Government Contractor clients but also for any clients looking for a full-suite solution.

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How to Choose a Human Resources Management Technology Solution

If chosen carefully and skillfully, a Human Resources Management (HRM) Technology Solution can significantly improve workplace productivity, enhance compliance, and encourage employee engagement. The various acronyms (i.e., HRM, HRIS, HCM) utilized to describe HR technology solutions often create confusion. Essentially, a robust Human Resource Management system, “HRM” as we will call it, brings together human resources (full life cycle of applicant tracking through onboarding-to-termination), timekeeping, workforce management, payroll, and data analytics all under one technology solution—a comprehensive, full-suite single solution.

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