Understanding Which Thresholds Apply to Your Government Contracts

All too often, contractors have a dilemma as to which changing dollar threshold should be inserted into company policy.  You may recall that there has been considerable debate around changing dollar thresholds around TINA, CAS, and even the executive comp ceiling from a few years back.  There is now a proposed rule before the FAR Council is seeking to eliminate this confusion.  This rule will also reduce the administrative workload in processing changing dollar thresholds throughout the FAR.  

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OneTeam, An Easier Way to Propose on Government Contracts

At Redstone GCI we are constantly seeking new tools to make our clients (and by extension us too) lives easier when it comes to maintaining compliance and completing deliverables for government customers.  One of the most challenging areas for contractors of all shapes and sizes in the proposal management process.  The government’s increasing use of multiple award IDIQ and other task order driven contracts often necessitates the formation of contractor teams.  In these situations, not only are you worried about your prime proposal, but you’re also managing data calls to your subcontractors to create the consolidated volumes for response to the government customer.  To say managing this process can be a challenge, is an understatement.

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Government Property and Subcontractor Control

We get lots of questions about Government property and how it should be handled with subcontractors. Remember, and it has been said over and over, the prime contractor is responsible for just about anything subcontractors do in support of a contract. And yes, that includes Government property requirements.

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Redstone Success Program – How We Help Government Contractors Succeed

How would you feel if you had unlimited access to all the resources Redstone Government Consulting had to offer?  Relief?  Security?  Control?  Protected?  Re-focused?

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Maintaining Adequate Policies and Procedures for Government Contracts

On December 18, 2018 the Administrative Judge, in ASBCA No. 61583, denied the contractor’s appeal and granted the Government’s request for summary judgement related to the contractor’s claim that it was entitled to a penalty waiver because the contractor did not demonstrate that it “had adequate policies, training, controls, and review systems, and that it inadvertently incorporated the [unallowable cost]” in its incurred cost proposals. This decision serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining adequate policies and procedures.

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Section 809 Panel—The Government Moves Slowly

Slowly is the word that always describes Government change, and acquisition process change is no exception.  Some of you will remember that the 2017 NDAA required DCAA to reduce the backlog of DoD incurred cost submissions and suspend work for other Departments.  But how many of you remember that it also created an Advisory Panel on Streamlining and Codifying Acquisition Regulations, better known as the Section 809 Panel? 

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GovCon-Taxes: Accrual or Cash? Why Not Both?

It’s everyone’s least favorite time of year.  That’s right, tax season.  For those of us who no longer work in public accounting, this time of year is now a welcome reprieve; although for us, it also marks the start of incurred cost season.  If you’re not sure what an Incurred Cost Submission is or have questions about that topic, visit our website for a variety of resources.

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File Your 2018 EEO-1 Report by May 31, 2019

It’s that time of year again! The 2018 EEO-1 survey officially opened on March 18, 2019 and is due on May 31, 2019.

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So, You Want to Work with the U.S. Government? Part 2: Where Do I Stand?

In the last article, I talked about some of the early considerations for beginning the path toward your first government contract.  I would encourage you to take a look here before diving in on the next major question to answer when pursuing your first government contract.  That question is: 

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Government Closures & Shutdowns for Government Contractors

The December 21, 2018 deadline for a partial government shutdown is quickly approaching.  That is an unwanted Christmas present for Government workers in the affected agencies, but what about for contractors?  What should they do if the shutdown occurs?

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