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Michael SteenMike Steen is a Emeritus Advisor with Redstone Government Consulting, Inc. and a specialist in complex compliance issues to include major contractor cost accounting & business system regulations, financial compliance, resolution of DCAA audit issues, Cost Accounting Standards application, litigation support, and claims preparation. Prior to joining Redstone Government Consulting, Mike served in a number of capacities with DCAA for over thirty years, and upon his retirement, he was one of the top seven senior executives with DCAA. Mike Served as a Regional Director for two DCAA regions, and during that time was responsible for audits of approximately $25B and 800 employees. In October 2001, he was selected for the Senior Executive Service and in 2006 he received the Presidential Rank Award. During Mike’s tenure with DCAA, he was involved in conducting or managing a variety of compliance audits, to include cost proposals, billing systems, Cost Accounting Standards, claims, defective pricing, and then-evolving programs such as restructuring, financial capability and agreed-upon procedures. He directly supported the government litigation team on significant contract disputes and has prepared and presented various lectures and seminars to DCAA staff and business community leaders. Since joining Redstone Government Consulting in June 2007, Mike has developed and presented training and seminars on Government Contracts Compliance to NCMA, Federal Publications Seminars and various clients. Mike also is a prolific contributor of written articles to government contracting publications, as well as to our own Government Insights Newsletter. Mike also serves as the director of our training service offerings, with responsibilities for preparing and developing course content as well as instructing our seminars to clients and general audiences throughout the U.S. Mike also serves as a faculty instructor for the Federal Publications Seminars organization. Education Mike has a BS Degree in Business Administration from Wichita State University. He is also a graduate of the DCAA Director’s Fellowship Program in Management, and has a Masters Degree in Administration from Central Michigan University. Mr. Steen also completed a number of OPM’s management and executive development courses.

Recent Posts

The ASBCA Giveth and the Federal Circuit Taketh Away

In a saga which conjures up the phrase: “It ain’t over till it’s over” (quotation attributed to the late, great Yogi Berra), the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (Case 21-2304) in a decision dated 01-3-2023, reversed an ASBCA Decision (60091, et al), the latter having found Raytheon’s policies for tracking potentially unallowable Lobbying and Organization costs to be reasonable, thus allowable.

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Topics: Incurred Cost Proposal Submission (ICP/ICE), DFARS Business Systems

2020 Halloween Costumes for Those in the “Public Eye”

As Halloween 2020 is upon us, it is time to report on some of the more popular costumes or ideas for costumes applicable to organizations and/or individuals who are in politics, sports, acting, the media (i.e. newscasters) and federal agencies. Although our prior years’ Halloween blogs have focused on a few government agencies, current events have caused us to focus our research (thus this blog) primarily on the wonderful and friendly world of politics and political elections in the United States.

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DCAA Embraces “Virtual Auditing” to Help Keep Auditors and Contractor Compliance Personnel Employed During COVID-19 Pandemic

Although the COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact on everyone is absolutely serious business, the nature of this “special day” blog is not necessarily serious business.   At times like these we hope that an element of levity will be accepted for what it is and not be misinterpreted as diminishing the serious nature of the pandemic. We also hope that everyone reading this is safe, healthy and adhering to the federal guidelines to limit the spread of COVID-19.

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Topics: Redstone GCI, DCAA Audit Support, COVID-19

2019 Halloween Costumes for Government Entities, Agencies, Employees or Politicians

As we begin October 31st, we’ve invested heavily in researching all sources to identify the Halloween costumes which will most likely be used by Government entities (including Congress), agencies, and employees (or wannabe employees in the context of political candidates).

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DCAA’s Renewed Challenge to Lowest Available Airfare: “Déjà vu All Over Again”

A recent DCAA audit reintroduced (or resurrected) a DCAA MRD (Memorandum for Regional Directors) dated March 22, 2010 which provided auditors with DCAA’s liberal interpretation of a January 2010 change to FAR 31.205-46(b) limiting allowable airfare to “lowest priced airfare available to the contractor.”

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Topics: Proposal Cost Volume Development & Pricing, Government Regulations

DCAA Audit Policy on Materiality: Are We There Yet?

DCAA’s July 19th AGM or Audit Guidance Memorandum (19-PAS-003(R)) implemented the Section 803 requirement of the 2018 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) that DoD/DCAA adopts commercially accepted standards of materiality (in application) to incurred cost audits.  This requirement is in the broader context of continuing Congressional interest in the incurred cost backlog and performance of incurred cost audits.   More specifically, the subsection which requires commercially accepted standards of materiality is designed to improve the efficiency of the contract auditing process.

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Topics: DCAA Audit Support

DoD-IG Report Reinforces DCAA’s Interpretations of Contractor Compensation Reasonableness

A recent DoD-IG (Department of Defense-Inspector General Report (DODIG-2019-070) has unfortunately reinforced DCAA’s audit interpretations of the reasonableness of contractor compensation (reference to FAR 31.205-6(b)). The IG (apparently with help from DCAA) reviewed ACO (Contracting Officer) actions to resolve/disposition DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) advisory audit reports which included assertions that contractors had claimed unreasonable compensation (primarily for contractor executives). 

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Topics: Employee & Contractor Compensation, DOD IG

News Flash “April 1, 2019”: DCAA Engaged to Assist the United States in Achieving Audited Financial Statements

Some of us have been tracking the long overdue Congressional mandate for the United States to achieve a ready-state for auditable financial statements.  Although it may come as a surprise, we’ve uncovered a somewhat reliable (thus somewhat unreliable) rumor that the next NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) will include section 401(A.F.) which will require the Department of Defense (more specifically DCAA/Defense Contract Audit Agency) to provide technical assistance to all other agencies, inspector generals’, GAO (Government Accountability Office) and the hordes of independent private auditors who have thus-far failed in achieving that mystical milestone of fully auditable federal government financial statements.  

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Government “Forgive & Forget”—Not Likely Applicable to FAR 52.242-3 Penalties

A recent ASBCA decision (No 61583) confirms that Government benevolence does not extend to penalties associated with a contractor’s final indirect cost rate proposal (FICRP) which included expressly unallowable indirect costs. In one case, the issue was unallowable legal costs incurred as a result of the US Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation of the contractor, which was triggered by information suggesting that the contractor claimed indirect salaries for an individual whose services were as the housekeeper for the owners of the company and thus unallowable as costs allowable to Government contracts. 

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Topics: Small Business Compliance, Government Regulations

DoD-IG Report: Contractor Employees Failed to Meet Labor Qualifications on Task Order Contracts

In its report dated November 27, 2018 (DODIG-2019-029), the IG reviewed 12 of 540 task orders (issued between September 2014 to October 2017) to determine if contractor employees met the contract schedule labor qualifications.  The contract vehicle is the OASIS (One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services), administered by the GSA, but used by multiple DoD (and other Government) agencies. The good news is that the IG reported 1,175 of 1,287 contractor employees met the labor category qualifications; the bad news is the remaining 112 employees did not meet the labor qualifications, and/or the DoD agency could not document that contractor employees met the labor qualifications. Thus, DoD agencies authorized $28 million of potentially improper payments (based on the IG’s statistical projection), authorized $574K of potential improper payments for employees who did not have qualification documentation, and did not consider the potential impact on contract performance and price before authorizing $6.8 million for employees without relevant education and work experience.

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Topics: Incurred Cost Proposal Submission (ICP/ICE), Contracts & Subcontracts Administration, DCAA Audit Support

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