Jonas Clem

Jonas is a Managing Consultant for Special Projects for Redstone Government Consulting, Inc. Jonas works with the Redstone GCI client base on a variety of issues pertaining to government cost and compliance. His specialty areas include development of compliant cost volumes and proposal pricing, as well as assisting contractors after contract award with program control, financial, cost accounting and audit issues. Jonas works on incurred cost proposals, indirect rate calculation and analysis, proposals and project control issues for Redstone. Professional Experience During his over 20‐year career in the GovCon industry Jonas has worked for both large and small contractors in a variety of roles within program finance, contracts and accounting. A substantial portion of his experience included working with a small business contractor that grew into a $100M+ large business prime contractor. In this role he served in various positions where his responsibility progressed to the Business Operations Manager for the NASA and Army Programs Division. During his career he has also worked as a Controller for a large NASA prime contractor. Jonas has twenty‐plus years’ experience in virtually every aspect of corporate business management. He has extensive proposal experience, specializing in pricing and cost volumes. He has audit experience dealing with DCAA and DCMA. He has extensive experience working with both NASA and DoD government customers in program management and program control, across all contract types. Education Jonas earned a Masters of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University, and a BSBA in Finance from Athens State University.

Recent Posts

Government Property and Subcontractor Control

We get lots of questions about Government property and how it should be handled with subcontractors. Remember, and it has been said over and over, the prime contractor is responsible for just about anything subcontractors do in support of a contract. And yes, that includes Government property requirements.

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Topics: Contracts Administration, Government Property Management

Government Property Disposition: What is Abandonment?

The term abandonment seems to be a hot topic within government property (GP) circles for both contractors and government procurement professionals. Many more contractors are requesting abandonment as a method of disposition. But exactly what is abandonment? When can it be used? And is it a last resort for the government?

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Topics: Contracts Administration, Defense Contractors, Government Property Management

Government Furnished Property Gotchas

Government furnished property can be a headache, even for the most seasoned contractor. It can include thousands of tiny parts, multi-million-dollar pieces of equipment or both – often all on one contract in an old dark government building. We have identified some common, and not-so-common, areas we see missing in contractor government property management plans.

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Topics: Contracts Administration, Defense Contractors, Government Property Management

Alleged Fraudulent Activity in GSA’s System for Award Management (SAM)

Redstone GCI-Alleged Fraudulent Activity in GSAs SAM

The GSA Office of Inspector General (OIG) is actively investigating alleged fraudulent third-party activity in GSA’s System for Award Management (SAM). At this time, a limited number of entities registered in SAM are suspected of being impacted by this illegal activity. GSA has taken proactive steps to address this issue and has notified the affected entities.

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Topics: Contracts Administration, DCAA Audit Support

Government Contractor Timekeeping Compliance

RGCI-Payroll Refresher 002-Infographic-Blog.png

Timekeeping compliance is a combination of several critical pieces, involving everyone within an organization. With specific requirements for government contracts, it is crucial to develop a structure and process for timekeeping and compensation in government contracts. Here are some considerations when reviewing your company’s timekeeping compliance:

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Topics: Government Compliance Training

Government Contract Project Management and Control—A Team Sport

Redstone GCI-Government Contract Project Management and Control—A Team Sport.jpg

How does one ensure the financial success of one’s government contracts? If we were to poll twenty-five different government contractors, we would likely get 25 different responses, and most wouldn’t be wrong. Some would say it takes a great program manager, while some would say it takes executive management committed to providing the necessary resources. Others might say it depends on the type of contract being worked or the type of fee being earned. All of these would be correct.

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Topics: Contracts Administration, Defense Contractors, Human Resources