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Today’s unique challenges in government contracting accounting require an astute team of advisors. Warren Averett takes great pride in supporting Department of Defense (DoD) contractors. Whether you need a full-service accounting firm to handle tax and audit needs or an outsourced accounting solution to take over certain functions, our team has the government contract, DCAA and FAR knowledge to ensure you stay in compliance.

We have a solid track record of helping government contractors assess the adequacy of their accounting systems and can help you determine whether inaccurate data could be negatively impacting your bids or putting your compliance in jeopardy.

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Can a Government Contractor Compensate Its Remote Employees For Travel From Home To The Office?

In order to fulfill project requirements, there are times necessitating that remote employees travel into the contractor’s site of operations for a meeting, special project, training, performance review, etc. The US Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) states that the time employees spend commuting from home to their normal place of work before the beginning of the workday and from work back home at the end of the workday is not considered compensable time worked and therefore is not time for which employees must be paid. What if the employer wants to compensate remote employees for this travel time? The available guidance doesn’t seem to say an employer can’t pay an employee for this time, and many employers do, however, should they, and what things should an employer consider?

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Topics: DFARS Business Systems, DCAA Audit Support, Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)

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