Join Us for our "Fundamentals of Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Part 1*" Training Webinar on
February 28, 2017


This one-hour webinar will discuss Cost Accounting Standards applicability, administration and trends. In discussing trends, the latest with DCAA audit policies as well as highlights of published decisions related to CAS.

*CAS Part 2 will be scheduled for March or April 2017 and will focus on selected individual standards 403, 410, and 418, and cost impacts for changes or non-compliances.  

l e a r n i n g  o b j e c t i v e s

At the completion of this one hour seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the regulations which form the basis for CAS
  • Identify the regulations which apply to the administration of CAS
  • Define CAS applicability and exemptions
  • Identify and obtain DCAA audit policies related to audit oversight of CAS

p r o g r a m  c o n t e n t

During the seminar, your faculty will discuss:

  • CAS history (brief)
  • FAR provisions for i) incorporating CAS into FAR Cost Principles and ii) CAS administration
  • Individual Cost Accounting Standards (overview)
  • CAS Disclosure Statement including revisions
  • DCAA audit policies (when/how DCAA tests for CAS compliance)
  • 2016 published decisions interpreting & impacting CAS.

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