This FREE webinar will offer attendees an overview of some of the challenges that contractors will be facing in FY 2023 related to changes in government regulations and areas government auditors are concentrating on.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this two-hour webinar, participants will gain an understanding of:

  • FY 2023 NDAA Highlights
  • Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs’ (OFCCP) Focus and New Initiatives
  • Continued Increase of Attention to Pay Equity
  • DCAA Continues to Focus FAR Compensation Reasonableness
  • Joint Employer: What and Why it Matters
  • Independent Contractor Classification Saga Continues
  • DCAA Focus on Cost Accounting Standard Audits
  • CMMC Update: Timelines and Zero Trust Model
  • Costpoint and Upcoming Release of 8.2
  • Small Business Status Update and Planning for the Future
  • Subcontract Management Update
  • The Potential Impact of Government Money coming through Grants
  • Open FAR and DFAR cases

Program Content

We will discuss some of the topics that contractors need to be aware of including the NDAA and the areas where the government is concentrating funding, impact of open FAR and DFAR cases, types of audits DCAA is concentrating on in 2023, Human Resource issues, Subcontracting issues and CMMC update.

About Redstone GCI

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